Creative Mind Power

30 Years Of Meditation Skills In Just 7 Minutes (Proven)!

Do you want to reduce stress? Improve your concentration? Experience a more restful better quality of sleep? Feel more energetic? Be more productive? Do you want to see improvement in your physical and emotional health?

Is it possible to change your reality with the power of your own mind easily and naturally? The answer is yes according to leading medical practitioners, scientists and psychologists. Research shows that the human mind has the capacity to affect physical reality to a remarkable degree.

Yet for the most part, this tremendous potential has remained untapped, and it is only very recently that the scientific community has begun to explore the true power our minds can unlock within each of us.

New research shows us that visualization can cause immediate, measurable and lasting physiological changes in the human body. Using concentration and visualization techniques, our own minds can often accomplish what modern medicine, drugs and surgical techniques cannot. When used in conjunction with medicine and surgery visualization techniques can accelerate treatment effectiveness and speed recovery time.

Visualization can strengthen your immune system, promote faster healing, help you overcome pain and even allow you to release yourself from damaging, unhealthy or addictive behaviors.

Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby is now introducing the latest visualization technology from New Reality, along with other greats, such as Deepak Chopra, Les Brown, Lisa Nicholls, Dr Brenda Wade and Dan Milman!

Concentrated healing through advanced technology

New technologies now put the power of creative visualization within reach of everyone. Using safely calibrated electronics to create optimal combination’s of sound and light patterns, the “New Reality” Portable Accelerated Learning (PAL) Device makes powerful visualization treatments available in a convenient, self-guided format.

The PAL system is easy to use, totally portable, and was designed to help you achieve the deep state of relaxation necessary to trigger creative visualization techniques. Each PAL Device is a patented electronic system, equipped with a personal headset and custom light-emitting lenses that envelop the user in music, sound and light designed to expand their state of awareness.

Once immersed in this receptive state, the selected PAL program guides you to visualize and actualize the change you desire. With your new PAL you can choose to enhance and focus the power of visualization on such goals as relieving pain, healing, sleeping peacefully, weight loss, and more. The program is completely self-directed, and because the PAL Device is compact and portable, you can use it at home, at the office or when traveling.

Creative visualization and the power to heal

Many alternative therapies incorporate elements of visualization to stimulate relaxation and healing. Because there is no aspect of our bodily function that the brain does not control, these techniques have proven effective in addressing a wide range of health issues, including:

  1. Reducing or eliminating chronic pain
  2. Healing and strengthening resistance to disease
  3. Promoting calm, relaxation and restful sleep
  4. Overcoming harmful or addictive behaviors
  5. Stimulating faster, more efficient metabolic function
  6. Empowering visions for personal growth

Creative visualization allows people to reach deep levels of relaxation that create ideal conditions for focusing the mind, sending healing messages to the body and strengthening new habits and mindsets.

As the scientific literature on the effectiveness of visualization expands, it is being increasingly used as a part of the treatment process in hospitals and a range of clinical settings. In these formal medical settings, a qualified practitioner guides the patient through a series of visualization techniques.

PAL System uniquely customized to meet YOUR needs

PAL Device packages are available to target a range of specific health conditions and life goals. Each package was designed by a subject expert and calibrated to guide the listener into a process of creative visualization that targets a specific mindset or somatic state.

For a limited time, Keith Scott-Mumby subscribers may purchase a complete PAL Device package at a special introductory rate of $360. Each package includes an electronic PAL personal device, a set of Koss personal ear buds, LED light-enabled visor with lumen amplitude and broadcast range, a charger, USB and carrying case. No additional software or tapes are required—your package is complete, activated and ready to go!

In addition to your PAL Device, your package entitles you to receive EIGHT FREE PROGRAMS, including six magical tracks created by Dr. Keith and already loaded (see right-hand side bar for titles). Selections come from the following customized creative visualization series options:

Easily Managing Pain Series: Achieve a pain-free lifestyle using relaxation and visualization techniques designed to break through the pain barrier once and for all.

Conquering Cancer Series: Release fear and anxiety using creative visualization. This series will help you boost your immunity and take control of your recovery!

Care for the Journey Series: Designed expressly for health and healing professionals, this package helps you to cope more effectively with vocational stress and increase your capacity for compassionate care.

Sleep Peacefully Series: Heal the insomnia that is crippling your life! End daytime drowsiness, irritability, poor concentration, immune dysfunction and much more using proven CVR techniques.

Weight Loss Series: Achieve the body you want with powerful visualization techniques that redefine your relationship with food—now and forever!

Realizing Wealth Series: Use your mind’s energy to change your financial reality, and unlock the creativity that is your path to wealth and abundance.

Plus you get some great bonus tracks, absolutely free, which come with the device!

In addition, you can order and download extra programs, as you progress, from the New Reality home site!

Remember, your package will arrive complete, loaded and ready to use. Simply select the series option of your choice and you will receive a complete PAL Device, including all accessories, preloaded with your chosen series.

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The link between Theta brainwaves and improved health outcomes

During creative visualization, we enter the highly beneficial brainwave state known as Theta. The Theta state, known to all who practice meditation, is a rare summit of calm, wellbeing and tranquility.

Although it can take decades to be trained in achieving the Theta mindset through unaided meditation, advances in technology have made this sought-after mental state accessible to everyone.

The complex sound and light patterns of the PAL Device are used to guide the user into Theta in a timeframe of approximately just seven minutes.

As Theta is reached, you will experience a rare sensation of energized serenity that lasts throughout the visualization session. In this state of heightened awareness and receptivity, your mind is able to absorb targeted messages and use them to create a real and lasting change in your physical being.

In just 20 minutes per day, you can increase serotonin levels by 21 percent and endorphins by 24 percent, resulting in greater calm and contentment, as well as significantly reduced stress and susceptibility to disease.USA and Canada only.

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